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Artemis eyes wants to take you inside nature with a new point of view, where the thirst for scientific knowledge meets the art of photography.

Artemis eyes started as a collaboration between two women, a marine biologist (PhD) and a professional photographer, and soon developed  in a project aimed to raise awareness around the beauty of nature and the world of science, and in particular on important topics when it comes to environmental conservation and protection.

We believe that the most powerful issue of our time is the interaction between human and nature. Plastic pollution, climate change, anthropogenic noise are just some examples of the impact that the human kind is having on our living planet today. For the first time, we are assisting to man-made changes which act on a global scale, result from a variety of sources and produce several different effects on both habitats and wildlife (and ultimately, on the human kind as well).

However, public awareness around these urgent environmental matters is generally low, and surely it’s not in line with the level of knowledge achieved to date by scientists. In addition, communication around science is often done by non-scientists, and information are frequently exaggerated or incorrect; on the other hand, scientists are often reluctant in showing their findings in different formats rather than scientific papers, which, although undoubtedly irreplaceable lifeblood of the scientific knowledge, are generally difficult to be approached by the general public.


Today we live in a video-phillic world; visual tools, such as videos and pictures, can communicate effectively to a wider public than scientific papers do, and could ultimately help to fill the knowledge gap between scientists and the general public. Filling this gap is of fundamental importance for the successful management of these important, global, environmental matters: we can’t divorce environmental management from public awareness! As a researcher, I soon started to ask myself how could I communicate my research in order to make this collective process possible, and Artemis Eyes was the natural answer to this question.  Artemis Eyes’ main characteristic is to use captivating visual tools to communicate science,  by maintaining the same rigor and accuracy that is proper of the world of research. All information behind our videos and posts are always accurately researched, and comes only from peer-reviewed international publications, which we try to translate in easy to understand words and in captivating images.

A small disclaimer: Artemis eyes is not politically correct. Artemis eyes stands on the side of nature and aims to make you understand that our planet is unique, is the only one we have and the time for fight for its defense and preservation is right now.

From nature we come, to nature we want to take you back.

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