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Who we are

Artemis Eyes was officially born in December 2013 as a collaboration between two friends, Andreja and Marta. However, the idea came a lot before, probably during 2007, when we were studying Biology at the University during day, and taking pictures in every other spare moment. We both felt incredibly lucky to have access to all the knowledge the University was providing us; we believed that everybody should have the possibility to access to knowledge, and to experience that excitement that comes along with discovery, studying and learning. Soon, our path diverged: Andreja changed country and school, as she decided to study photography, always carrying with her a true and deep-rooted passion for nature. Marta went on with the scientific career, moving in three different European countries so far to purse her research. When Artemis Eyes was born, Andreja had just achieved her degree in photography, and Marta was at the first year of her PhD in Science. Today, in 2018, Andreja is a lecturer in photography and Marta is a postdoctoral researcher.

During its first two years, Artemis Eyes Project focused only on videos and took a long time in developing new contents, a bit because of the work commitments of both people involved, a bit because the project was in its infancy and it was not mature yet. Today Artemis Eyes Project has broaden by including wider contents and by using both videos, photos and articles to purse its own, original aim: raise awareness around the beauty of nature and the world of science, and in particular on important topics when it comes to environmental conservation and protection.

The two founders of Artemis Eyes Project are Andreja Veluscek and Marta Bolgan, although, today, our contents are curated by Marta alone.


Andreja Veluscek1525723_514986745266844_432536351_n

Nova Gorica, Slovenia, 1986

In 2005 she moved to Italy to study Biology at the University of Trieste, and soon, she started to work as a photojournalist for the weekly magazine Dempokracija. Her photography passion leaded her to Barcelona in order to attend the Grisart School of Photography, where she graduated in 2013 in Documentary Photography and Photo Story. Today she works as a photographer for musical events at an international level, and she is part of the teaching team of Grisart. Look at her work here: Portfolio

Marta Bolgan14404_1499201443638018_5289464632586381126_n

Venezia, Italy, 1985

In 2005 I moved to Trieste, where I achieved a Bcs in Biology in 2008, and a Mres in Marine Biology in 2012. During my Mres, I moved to Lisbon to carry out my research. My emigration path had began; after Portugal I moved back to Italy for a short while, to then land in Ireland where I completed my PhD in early 2016. At the moment I am living in Belgium, where I am working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Laboratoire de Morphologie Fonctionelle et Evolutive of Prof. Parmentier (ULiege).  For a comprehensive look at my work history, publications and science communication experience, please download my CV

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